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Gabrielle Porlier

Veterinary Assistant
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Gabby has been working with us since 2017. Since 2018, she has been a veterinary assistant. Prior to this, she worked afternoons and weekends as an animal care technician. Her coworkers know her best for her inventory skills. However, she mostly loves her job because she learns so much about veterinary medicine while working with the animals, the technicians, and Dr. Meyer. To continue her education formally, she plans to start pursuing a degree in veterinary technology soon.

Gabby’s love for animals started when she was a little girl, growing up alongside a Great Dane named Roxy and a Husky named Cody. She loves all breeds of dogs, but Great Danes are her favorite. Her love for horses started at a young age as well. She always imagined Roxy as her little pony, putting her harness on her and running beside her around the yard using voice signals as if she was actually a horse. Roxy would trot beside her, listening to every command. Gabby grew up riding horses with a family friend, Kristy, who soon became a role model to her.

In addition to pursuing veterinary technology, Gabby enjoys working in the garage with her fiancé, Billy, and their son, Jayden, as well as horseback riding and four-wheeling, especially in mud-season. She treasures the time she gets to spend with her family, regardless of what they do together.