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Emergency Veterinary Care in Granville

Call Us for After-Hours Emergency Service

If you believe your pet is in need of emergency care, please contact Granville Small Animal Hospital right away. While we are not able to offer 24-hour emergency veterinary services, we do offer after-hours service and assistance in locating 24/7 care. We provide a number of critical care services right here in our state-of-the-art facility, including emergency surgeries. If needed, we can also connect you with the nearest 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital.

Contact us by phone at (518) 333-7872 for emergency veterinary services in Granville and the surrounding areas, including Poultney, Salem, and Cambridge.

Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Veterinary Care

It is important to understand when your pet is truly having an emergency—not only so you can ensure he or she receives timely care when needed, but also to help eliminate unnecessary trips to our veterinary hospital when emergency care is not needed.

Do not wait to seek emergency veterinary care in Granville or the nearby areas if your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • Sluggishness, loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities (playing, walks, etc.), and lethargy
  • Excessive vomiting (several times in succession) or vomiting blood
  • Bloody stool, mucus in the stool, excessive straining, or diarrhea for 24+ hours
  • Obvious signs of pain (whining, whimpering, flinching at the touch, shaking, etc.)
  • Hard, swollen, or distended abdomen
  • Difficulties breathing, including excessive panting
  • Sudden collapse or inability/unwillingness to stand or get up from sitting/lying down
  • Loss of consciousness, seizure, or stopped breathing
  • Obvious broken bones, open wounds, poisoning, and other traumatic injuries

Note that other symptoms indicate you should bring your pet to see a veterinarian as soon as possible, but he or she may not require emergency care. These may include changes in appetite/thirst, signs of worms, sudden weight loss or gain, unusual stool, vomiting once or twice only, and more. However, if your pet is displaying any unusual symptoms, it’s always best to see a vet right away.

Contact Us Now

When you call Granville Small Animal Hospital, our highly trained and experienced team members can help determine over the phone if your pet may need emergency veterinary care. If so, we can assist you with the necessary services or connect you with a nearby veterinary hospital that can. Please reach out to us right away if you believe your cat, dog, or other pet is experiencing a medical emergency.

Call Granville Small Animal Hospital at (518) 333-7872 for emergency veterinary services.

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