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Gabrielle Porlier

Veterinary Assistant
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Gabby has been working with us since April of 2017 as an animal caretaker. In July of 2017 she advanced to the position of veterinary assistant. She loves learning about veterinary medicine while working with the animals, the technicians, and the doctors. She is currently pursuing her veterinary technician degree online.

Gabby’s love of animals started when she was a little girl, growing up alongside a Great Dane named Roxy and a Husky named Cody. She adores all breeds, but the Great Danes are her favorite. Her love of horses started at a young age as well, growing up riding horses with a family friend. She would imagine Roxy as her little pony. She would put a harness on Roxy and Roxy would trot next to her, listening to every command.

In her free time, Gabby enjoys working in the garage with her fiancé Billy, their son Jayden, and newest addition to the family, their son Maverick. The family has 3 felines as well; Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy. All were adopted as strays from the hospital. Gabby most looks forward to all of the memories to come with her family.