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Deana Knowles

Licensed Veterinary Technician, LVT
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Deana has been a veterinary technician at Granville Small Animal Hospital since 2014. She got her degree in veterinary technology from SUNY Delhi, which was the first school in the nation to offer a program for veterinary technology. Deana pursued some other careers— including running a pizza restaurant with her husband, Jason, and studying English—before finding out her love was in veterinary medicine. She loves the science that comes with veterinary technology. The problem solving involved in figuring out what is wrong with a sick animal appeals to the logical side of Deana, and she also enjoys the lab work that goes into the process. She enjoys the variety of her work, since every appointment is different and unique. Of course, the best part of her job is all the kisses she gets as thanks from the puppies and kittens that she helps!

Outside of work, Deana enjoys being outside with her family, which includes Jason and their two dogs, Harper and Carly. Harper is a Bernese Mountain Dog mix that they’ve had since she was a puppy, and Carly is Golden Retriever. Everyone likes hiking together, and Harper, Deana, and Jason recently got Carly into swimming as well. So now their favorite past-time is hanging out on Lake St. Catherine and jumping in to swim. Deana also enjoys tennis and yoga. Deana and Jason also have two cats.