Project Description

Stephanie Graham

Receptionist (CSR) – Stephanie has been a receptionist at Granville Small Animal Hospital for since 1999! She enjoys seeing all the animals that come into the clinic every day. In her twenty years here, she has seen some pretty interesting cases. She once saw a dog who had porcupine quills all over his body, including inside his mouth down to his tail. She witnessed a bobcat, who started to wake up during his treatment. She has even seen a couple of boa constrictors come into the clinic. Of course she has her own animals too: Cash a Boston terrier mix and a cat named Chinook. Stephanie lives in Fort Ann and has two children: Dylan who is in high school and is thinking about pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering when he gets to college. JoAnne is studying nursing at North Country in Ticonderoga. In her free time Stephanie enjoys reading, scrapbooking and watching horror movies and The Walking Dead.

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